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    Roma, IT
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    Chill · Electro · Tech House · Techno


11783738_10152947278356960_1230323001_oDoRK, perhaps better know as KoZY by his techno fans, is Cosimo del Balzo’s alias launched in 2015 for his more “chilled-out” productions. Ranging, through various genres, from Minimal to Deep House to Chill-out, his productions contain element that you might not expect, may it be a fun captivating melodic line or simply a good vocal, that just sticks in your head, the tracks always consist of a melting pot of genres and hold a special place in DoRK’s heart. As he puts it, “A welcome break from all that wonderful techno. You can only produce so much of one genre before you feel burnt out and need to take a break!”



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