DoRK – A kingdom for light

DoRK - A kingdom for light

The tracks.

DoRK’s debut EP is nothing short of a masterpiece. “A Kingdom for Light EP” contains 2 tracks which are inherently different from each other.

The title track, “A Kingdom For Light”, is perfect for your pre-rave sessions on the beach. A blend of brasses and warm basslines will seduce you and your cocktails, while an infectious hat pattern gets you in the mood for the upcoming night.

“REKin” on the other hand is perfect for a packed dance floor and with a energy crowd. A hypnotizing sexy sax loop coupled with a gospel style vocal and what can only be described as a smashing bassline, are a sure recipe for success.

out 2015/08/25






just listen

words on the street:
“A Kingdom for Light for my listening pleasure. Great track” (0rfeo –
Ghosthall, Panda)
“Good stuff” (Suffused – Baroque Records)
“Pretty funky tune” (George Von Liger – Dojo Music, Riseup Records, Housestars Records)
“Good tracks. thanks!” (Norbert Meszes – House Of House, Decoded Records, Kool Katz Records)

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